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Achdé - Lucky Luke
Block, Patrick
Erik Bille Christiansen Gallery
Lööf, Jan
Ole Ahlberg Gallery
Will Eisner Gallery
Zoro - Danish Urban Art
Carl Barks Gallery
Peter Madsen Gallery
American Comic Artists
Comic Strip Art
European Comic Artists
Hugo Pratt Gallery
Jim Holdaway Modesty Blaise Gallery
Michael LOEB - Pop Art
Peter Snejbjerg
Disney Art
Henrik Rehr - Petzi (Rasmus Klump)
Danish Comic Artists
Don Rosa Gallery
Ezar, Yana
Jørgen Mogensen - Poeten & Lillemor, Hudibras m.v.
Erotic Art
Movie posters
Rebecca Erotic Art
Lithographs and Prints
Portfolios - kunstmapper
Fantasy art
Lars Kræmmer - Superhero
Per O. Jørgensen Gallery
Fine art
Milo Manara Gallery
Harry Nørstrand - Illustration Art
Statues and 3D objects
Tex Willer Art
Japanese artists
Music & Art
Svend Høgh - malerier
Artpusher - Manga Art
Gavekort - bestil online her

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American Comic Artists > American Comic Artists
Here you will find all the great comic artists, who are impossible to categorize. Artists who are great and talented, maybe even famous. And artists, we feel should be sharing the fame.

In this category we have placed names like Will Eisner and Jeff Jones, as well as lesser known names like Tony DeZuniga and Ernie Chan. We love them all! only buys and sells art that we like. We have seen lots of work by great artists - who had a bad day. But we recommend, that you listen to your own heart, when you buy art. Develop your own taste and your own favorites - you probaly already did!

Comic art - as well as other original art - will normally become more and more expensive over the years. Art is a better investment than stocks and bonds and everything else. But only if you have an eye for quality.

If you see something, you really like - our best and honest advise is "Buy if you can afford it". We are collectors ourselves. We try to price our art according to the market price. And believe us, if you miss a piece of original art, you'll probably never see it for sale again in your life. Art is unique.

Don't buy Comic Art as an investment. Buy to put it on your wall, to show it to your friends, to look at it every day. And if you are lucky, you'll get a nice bonus when you decide to sell it again.

 Adams, Neal
 Addeo, Stephen L.
 Adlard, Charlie
 Bingham, Jerry
 Breccia, Alberto
 Breccia, Enrique
 Burns, Charles
 Buscema, John
 Chan, Ernie
 Chaykin, Howard
 Cho, Frank
 Colan, Gene
 Cooke, Darwyn
 Corben, Richard
 Crandall, Reed
 Crumb, Robert
 Delgado, Ricardo
 Deodato, Mike
 DeZuniga, Tony
 Fisher, G. W.
 Frazetta, Frank
 Golden, Michael
 Grell, Mike
 Gulacy, Paul
 Hanna, Scott
 Hitch, Bryan
 Hogarth, Burne
 Isherwood, Geof
 Jusko, Joe
 Kaluta, Michael W.
 Kane, Bob
 Kelly, Walt
 Kirby, Jack
 Kubert, Joe
 Kurtzman, Harvey
 Lark, Michael
 Lee, Andy
 Lee, Jae
 Lutes, Jason
 Manning, Russ
 Marsh, Jesse
 Mayerik, Val
 McGuinness, Ed
 Messmer, Otto
 Mignola, Mike
 Nebres, Rudy
 Petersen, David
 Pini, Wendy
 Ridgway, John
 Risso, Eduardo
 Romita Jr., John
 Sale, Tim
 Schultz, mark
 Semeiks, Val
 Shelton, Gilbert
 Sienkiewicz, Bill
 Smith, Jeff
 Sparling, Jack
 Sprang, Dick
 Starlin, Jim
 Templesmith, Ben
 Thorne, Frank
 Timm, Bruce
 Vess, Charles
 Vosburg, Mike
 Wood, Wally (Wallace)
 Wrightson, Bernie
 Yeagle, Dean  -  E-mail:

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