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Sire, Denis > European Comic Artists > Sire, Denis
The Frenchman Denis Sire (born 1953 in Saint-Nazaire), is in a category unto himself, regardless of what yardstick you go by. His art style, with its diligent use of pencil and water colors, oozes 1920's and 1930's atmosphere. He is both a rare - and not all that prolific - comic artist and a brilliant painter.

As a 16-year-old Denis Sire moved to Paris to study art, and here he met another original, Frank Margerin. Together they formed the rock band Los Crados, which played decadent rock in the vein of Roxy Music. At the same time Denis Sire debuted as a comic artist in Métal Hurlant. Here he drew stories like Menace Diabolique, Bois Willys, 6 T Mélodie and not least Lisa Bay.

In 1987 Denis Sire put out the album "Best of Racing" - and later "Ziblyne et Bettie". In 1997 he collaborated with Jean-Pierre Dionnet on the story "L'Île des Amazones", which ran in the magazine L'Écho des Savanes.

Denis Sire is an otherworldly artist. Here at we love his exquisite brush strokes, his detailed pencil sketches, his mix of fast cars - preferably vintage racing cars, motorcycles, naked women, decadent stagings, and above all the images of a time long gone. Sire has the potential to become the foremost cult artist!

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1.  Denis Sire - Bedtime, akvarel 1988.
Denis Sire - Bedtime, signeret, 1988. Helt sublim pin-up.
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Price DKK 2.450,00 (EUR 330,19)
2.  Denis Sire - Lady with Dog, akvarel
Original akvarel af Denis Sire. ''Lady with Dog'', fantastisk detaljerigdom.
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Price DKK 11.500,00 (EUR 1.549,87)
3.  Denis Sire - Nude women, watercolor 1986.
Denis Sire - Nude women in Paris, watercolor, A4.
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Price DKK 16.500,00 (EUR 2.223,72)
4.  Denis Sire - Superior Lake, watercolor 1987.
Denis Sire - Superior Lake, signeret, 1987. Fantastisk pin-up.
5.  Denis Sire - Sweet Nude, pencils 1987.
Denis Sire - Sweet Nude, signeret, 1987. Sød pin-up.
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Price DKK 1.300,00 (EUR 175,20)
6.  Denis Sire - Sweet, akvarel 1987.
TOPKLASSE. Denis Sire - Sweet, signeret, 1987. Helt sublim fransk pin-up.
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Price DKK 2.250,00 (EUR 303,23)
7.  Denis Sire - Zib' 93, 1993.
BIRGITTE NIELSEN? Denis Sire, pin up, signeret, 1993. Helt sublim fransk pin-up.
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