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Bilal, Enki > European Comic Artists > Bilal, Enki
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Enki Bilal (born Enes Bilaloviæ on October 7, 1951) is a French cartoonist and film director.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), he moved to Paris at the age of 9. There, at 14, he met René Goscinny and with his encouragement tried turning his talent to comic books. He worked on Goscinny's magazine Pilote in the 1970s, publishing his first story, Le Bol Maudit, in 1972.

He began working with script writer Pierre Christin in 1975 on a series of dark and surreal tales.

The Nikopol trilogy (La Foire aux Immortels, La Femme Piège and Froid Équateur) took more than a decade to appear but is probably Bilal at his best, writing the script as well as doing all the artwork - the final chapter, Froid Équateur, was even awarded the book of the year award by the very serious magazine Lire and is acknowledged by the inventor of chess boxing, Iepe Rubingh, as being the inspiration for this new sport.

His latest publication has been Rendez-vous à Paris (2006), the third book in tetralogy (the Hatzfeld), this time dealing with the breakup of former Yugoslavia but from the future. The first installment came in 1998 in the shape of Le Sommeil du Monstre opening with the main character, Nike, remembering the war in a series of traumatic flashbacks. The third chapter of the tetralogy is titled Rendez-vous à Paris (2006).

His cinematic career has recently been revived with the expensive Immortel (Ad Vitam) which is his first attempt to adapt his books to the screen. The film has split critics, some panning the use of CGI characters but others have seen it as a faithful reinterpretation of the books

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1.  Bilal - Couleur Directe
Tysk udstillingsplakat fra 1993 - udstilling af franske serieskabere 27.-30.maj 1993 i Nordliche Deichtorhalle.
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Price DKK 250,00 (EUR 33,69)
2.  Bilal - Crux Universalis
Tysk udstillingsplakat fra 1988 - udstilling i tegneseriebyen Erlangen.
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Price DKK 250,00 (EUR 33,69)
3.  Bilal - Julia & Roem, portfolio
Signeret og nummereret portfolio af Bilal, bestående af kunstmappe med 10 tryk, heraf 1 signeret.
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Price DKK 750,00 (EUR 101,08)
4.  Bilal - ''Livet er en roman'', filmplakat
GIGANTISK original fransk filmplakat af Enki Bilal, 1983. "La Vie est un Roman".
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Price DKK 650,00 (EUR 87,60)
5.  Bilal - Luftens Farve, litografi
BILLEDPOESI Signeret og nummereret litografi af Enki Bilal - coveret fra albummet ''Luftens farve'', meget lækkert.
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Price DKK 1.450,00 » Special Offer: DKK 850,00
(EUR 195,42 » Special Offer: EUR 114,56)
6.  Bilal - ''Min onkel fra Amerika'', filmplakat
GIGANTISK original fransk filmplakat af Enki Bilal, 1980. En af årets bedste film!
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Price DKK 950,00 (EUR 128,03)
7.  Bilal - ''Passionnément'', filmplakat
GIGANTISK original fransk filmplakat af Enki Bilal, 2000.
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Price DKK 1.250,00 » Special Offer: DKK 625,00
(EUR 168,46 » Special Offer: EUR 84,23)
8.  Bilal - Tetralogie, signeret litografi
Signeret og nummereret litografi af Bilal, motiv fra "La tetralogie Monstre", 300 eks.
9.  Bilal - Tibet
Originalt, signeret og nummereret kunsttryk af Enki Bilal, nr. 057/200, udsendt som støtte til Tibet, 2006.
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Price DKK 2.000,00 » Special Offer: DKK 1.800,00
(EUR 269,54 » Special Offer: EUR 242,59)
10.  Bilal - ''Tykho Moon', filmplakat
GIGANTISK original fransk filmplakat af Enki Bilal, fra hans egen film, 1996.
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Price DKK 1.450,00 (EUR 195,42)  -  E-mail:

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