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Andriola, Alfred > Comic Strip Art > Andriola, Alfred
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Alfred J. Andriola (May 24, 1912-March 29, 1983) was an American cartoonist best known for the comic strip Kerry Drake, for which he won a Reuben Award in 1970.

Andriola was born in New York City and grew up in Rutherford, New Jersey. He studied at Cooper Union and Columbia University, intending to becoming a writer. Instead, following a fan letter he wrote to Milton Caniff, he became his assistant, working with him on Terry and the Pirates and Scorchy Smith.

His first strip was Charlie Chan (1938-1942), an adaptation of the popular detective novels for the McNaught Syndicate. For five months in 1943 he drew a minor superhero, Captain Triumph, for Quality Comics' Crack Comics.

For a year he drew the strip Dan Dunn with writer Allen Saunders. Dunn was cancelled on October 3, 1943 and the next day their strip Kerry Drake debuted. Drake, heavily influenced by Dick Tracy, was about a small town police officer. Originally a district attorney's investigator, Drake eventually became a municipal police officer who battled a series of flamboyant villains. It gradually became a soap opera strip focusing on Drake and his wife Mindy. Andriola was assisted by Fran Matera, Jerry Robinson, and Sururi Gumen, the latter of whom shared credit with Andriola starting in 1976. Drake was cancelled following Andriola's death in 1983.

Andriola also drew the strip It's Me Dilly under the pseudonym Alfred James from 1957 to 1960.

At we have been reading Kerry Drake since our childhood. It is natural for us to present a selection of great comic strip art by this often overlooked master.

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1.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake daily 1962
Original comic strip art by Alfred Andriola, "Kerry Drake", 14th. May 1962.
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Price DKK 1.850,00 (EUR 249,33)
2.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake daily 1967
Original daily by Alfred Andriola, "Kerry Drake", 10-23 1967.
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Price DKK 1.850,00 (EUR 249,33)
3.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake daily 1968
Original comic strip art by Alfred Andriola, "Kerry Drake", 8-31, 1968.
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Price DKK 1.450,00 (EUR 195,42)
4.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake daily 9-20
SEXY BABE! Original avisstribe, tegnet af Alfred Andriola, "Kerry Drake", 20. september, ukendt år.
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Price DKK 1.750,00 (EUR 235,85)
5.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake Sunday 1971
Original art for Sunday page by Alfred Andriola and Sururi Gumen, "Kerry Drake", 30th. of May 1971.
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Price DKK 2.950,00 » Special Offer: DKK 2.450,00
(EUR 397,57 » Special Offer: EUR 330,19)
6.  Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake søndagsside 1967
Original søndagsside, tegnet af Alfred Andriola, "Kerry Drake", 27. august 1967.
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Price DKK 2.450,00 (EUR 330,19)  -  E-mail:

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